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Faith Child Care and After School

2018-2019: FAMILY RATE of $110/family/week for all children living in the same household.
Part Time Rates also now available. See details below.

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Faith Lutheran After School

We are now accepting enrollments for the 2018—2019 school year. The registration fee is $20 for each student per year. After school students will have first priority for break and snow day care programs. Faith After School offers weekly, daily (scheduled) and drop-in rates. The weekly and daily rates have to be scheduled, and submitted at the beginning of each semester.

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Call the church office at 812-342-3587 or email for more information.

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Faith Lutheran Child Care Fees 2018-2019
Registration begins in January and continues throughout the year. Your child must be completely potty trained. Pull-ups will not be allowed. No exceptions will be made.

Faith After School

After School Care is provided from 3p-6p on school days following the BCSC calendar. Children will be transported to the church from Southside Elementary.

Fee is $65/week/child.
Fee for Active Duty Military is $50/week/child.

FAMILY RATE of $110/family/week for all children living in the same household.

Faith Before School

Before school care is provided from 7-7:20a on school days with transportation from Faith to Southside Elementary only.
2 Hour Delay Care

On 2-hour delay days, Before school care is provided from 7-9:20a on with transportation from Faith to Southside Elementary only. The BCSC bus picks up at Faith at 9:20a.
Faith Snow Days/Break Care

Childcare will be provided from 7:30a-5:30p on Snow and Break Care Days. This program is for preschool and elementary aged children.
If BCSC is closed, Snow Day Care is available from 7:30a – 5:30p.

What Our Students Have to Say…

1. We play outside.
2. I love snack.
3. I love all places.

I like my friends at Faith After School because I eat with them. I like my friend Kendra.

I like the Faith After School because we get to have snack, read devotions, play games, watch movies, help each other with homework, do activities, and talk about God and Jesus.
Why I like Faith After School: It is fun because we play games and play outside.
There is a good ratio of kids to adults. Behavior expectations are high and the program is very well structured. There are quality enrichment lessons taught.
–Ashley Z. (FAS parent)
I like to play games, play on computers, go outside to play with a ball, and do some other things. Macs are here (from Apple)!
What I like about Faith After School…
1. I like going outside and playing with friends.
2. I like devotions.
3. I like making friends.
4. I also like snack.
5. We get help with homework.
I like Faith After School because we get to outside and do activities. We get to listen to devotions and watch movies. And we get help with homework. Faith After School is fun!